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Top 5 best sitcoms

What is your way to relax? I mean all people do different things after a working day which inevitably becomes a ritual. Some of us read books and having a good dinner go to bed. Others spend time with their dearest and nearest. Personally I watch TV. But I'm not a TV zombie, not at all. Most of all after a busy day I like to relax in front of the TV set accompanied by my favorite sitcoms. Much laughter and you start to feel at ease.

There are of course numerous rates of best sitcoms of all times but here I would like to present my own list of favorite comic series which help me to relax every day.

1). Friends. It's the best sitcom ever and I can watch all the seasons over and over again. The plot is the following: it's a story about 6 best friends living in New York and finding themselves in different comic situation. This show has 10 seasons, 236 episodes at max. Besides Friends were rewarded many times and about 57 million people watched the series live. Considerable achievement!

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