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Saul Leiter

Saul Leiter is an American photographer and painter who became famous for his images of unusual compositions and odd angles. He got acquainted with the art of photography at the age of 12 when his mother gave him his first camera. Raised in a religious family at the age of 23 he left Pittsburgh for New York City. His parents were very unhappy and sad to find out that their son would like to become a photographer. In fact they wanted him to be a rabbi.

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Body Art: the Body Revolution

Body art is one of the forms of the conceptual art where the main object of the creative process is the human body. The meaning of the composition is revealed by the posing, gestures and painting the body, of course. The human body is seen as the object being manipulated.

The artist is interested in creating the immediate impression. The body art is a part of the action art which is characterized by the performance as the art process. The composition of the body art may be performed just in front of the viewers and recorded for the later playing in the exhibition halls. The artists may use various manipulations, sometimes rather painful. Foe example, one of the performances included dancing to the exhaustion. One of the most famous artists was lying in the sun with an open book on his chest while all his skin except this area became suntanned.

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