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Straight edge

Straight edge stands for a subculture whose followers reject completely drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, using drugs and other bad habits. Also the term refers to a subgenre of hardcore punk music. The adherents of the subculture do not accept everything associated with punk rock including hedonism and other issues regarding sexual revolution. Thus many straight edges are vegetarians and even vegans. So as you can see it is quite challenging. The term originated in the United States in the 1980s.

To be a straight edge means to control your own life and not to depend on bad habits. If you have some problems and have no idea how to get over them then the easiest way is to start using drugs and drinking. It would be relaxing indeed. You would immerse yourself into a world of dreams and fantasies. No fears and no problems. Actually no future and no hope if you choose this way. There are so many stories when guys died of overdose. At the same time many straight edges tend to believe that the subculture is associated with hardcore and they couldn’t be separated. So if you are a drugfree it means nothing in the case. Just keep in mind it in case you would like to become a straight edge one day. Moreover straight edges refrain from promiscuous sex and relations.

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