Greatest Historical Landmarks

I’ve always been into ancient stuff, and today I want to remind you about a few ancient historical cities and civilizations that I find fascinating.
Pompeii.This one is two thousand years old, a city of the Roman Empire that was destroyed by the powerful volcano Vesuvius. Excavation started only in 19th century, and even today historians and archeologists have a lot of work to do. You can see where the work stopped – there is a giant wall of ashes – a few meters. The amazing thing is: some of the frescoes are still there! You can actually see them. This isn’t just a museum; this is a place where you can actually touch stuff. The great and horrifying thing about Pompeii is – some of the bodies still remain there, fossilized. Buildings, streets, everything stayed in place. This sad song perfectly represents the mood of that city. It’s tragic, it’s dramatic but yet so beautiful and alluring.

Istanbul a.k.a. Constantinople, the capital of Byzantine. This is an ancient city that used to be the capital of Roman Empire before 395 A.D. Luckily, it is not in ruins, it is still the largest city in Turkey, its economic and cultural center. Turkey is very popular among tourists, it has a plenty of resorts and if you ever want to go there, you should certainly visit Istanbul.
Sofia. This city is about 2400 years old, and its ancient name is Serdica. In Sofia, Bulgaria, the residence of Constantine the Great is located. Constantine I a.k.a. Saint Constantine, ruled Roman Empire from 306 to 337. There isn’t much left, but I believe this place is still worth visiting, especially if you want to go to Bulgaria.
Trypillian culture. This is the most ancient culture on the list. It is located mostly in Ukraine, it also takes the territory of entire Moldova, and a part of Romania (which is why it is sometimes called Cucuteni or Cucuteni-Trypillian culture). The amazing thing is: this culture dates back to 4800 to 3000 B.C. Many historians believe that if they keep digging (and they do that for 200 years already), it may turn out that this culture took the entire (or the greater part of) Europe.
Arkaim. It is located in Russia. This name was assigned to the place after the civilization was found, and can be translated as The Place of Sun. It is near Ural Mountains and many believe that this is a magical spot that can heal the sick and infertile. Arkaim dates back to 1700 – 2000 B.C.

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