Odd News from Britain

  • The customers of the famous “Harrods” in London have obtained the unique opportunity to enjoy the unusual ice-cream with the traditional British flavors which may seem weird for a foreigner. The list of twenty flavors that are used in the ice-cream production was compiled according to the result of the online voting. The flavors are aimed to show the traditional food preferences of an average British citizen. In “Harrods” you may find the ice-cream with the most strange tastes, such as smoked fish, mashed potato with milk, fish and chips and eggs with bacon. The creator of the unusual ice-cream Gino Soldan shared his experience with public. He admitted that the process of making an ice-cream with a biscuit flavor was easier than making a fish-scented one.

  • Due to the increase of the average weigh of the UK citizens the London food stores have introduced the trolleys with five wheels. The fifth wheel slows down the progressive motions and the customers makes a harder effort to push the trolley. Shopping with such trolley may help to burn the excessive fat. During the moving the indicators built in the handle show the blood pressure and pulse rate.
  • The British egg producing company with the appropriate name “Omelet” offers the lover of fresh scrambled eggs a portable mini hen coop. Two hens are also supplied. The coop can be placed on the backyard or in the flat. Having bought this hen house only for 600 USD the city dwellers may enjoy a fresh egg for their breakfast.

  • The British internet provider “Telewest Broadband” has developed the original devise which makes it possible to transmit smells via internet. The device contains twenty cartridges with scented substances which are released in various combinations depending upon the signal of the computer. This device may be useful for the flower distributors which sell flowers online.
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