Frank Dituri

Frank Dituri is a photographer who creates images full of mystery and ambiguity. He is captivated by the time issues. Taking pictures Dituri creates surreal world. The photographer himself opposes his own works to the works by Henri Cartier-Bresson. It happens mainly because his images are about time while Bresson was captivated by the decisive moments. Bresson was sure that “there is nothing in the world that does not have a decisive moment”. For him photography was depicting significant events and significant moments. That’s why Bresson is believed to be a father of modern photojournalism.

Dituri’s philosophy is absolutely different. He doesn’t care much about the decisive moments. The only thing he is interested in is the time that is impossible to depict.

Dituri works mainly with black and white images. He is inspired by his childhood memories. But he is not trying to reconstruct events. He tries to reconstruct his feelings and visions. “For example, as a young boy I spent many hours in a basement watching television in the dark. The fuzzy black and white pictures on the TV screen would paint the room with a dark neon light. I would sit there for hours, alone, surrounded by shadows and figures that would dance then disappear in my head. This type of submerged childhood experience has resurfaced, in part, in many of my images”, recalls the photographer.

Dituri is influenced by Giorgio De Chirico, Piero della Francesca, Edward Hopper. These artists especially Chirico and Hopper were good at creating mysterious images. Dituri is also influenced by poetry. That’s why he compares his own works with poems or haikus. So as you can see Dituri’s philosophy is far from Bresson’s one.

Dituri is also interested in play of light and shadow. It is fair to say that his pictures are inhabited with wandering ghosts. “My subjects which are neither coming nor going but somewhere in the process are like lost souls in a recurring dream where silence is never broken and light and darkness co-exist”.

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