Men and The Presents They Give

The men who give presents really exist. Another matter is the presents they give and what do they imply by giving them. The most extreme case is the man who gives you money as a present. Perhaps he is just bored to run through all the shops and malls to search for the finest silk scarf of the complicated shade of greyish blue which would match your eye color. E just puts the money in the envelope and gives it to you. The sum of this money also matters. An envelope with 10 USD inside given as a present can be considered to be a sheer mockery. Yes, it’s quite possible to mock a person out with the presents you give him or her. For example my friend used to sneer her mother-in-law by giving her finely decorated boxes with air fresheners or lipsticks of awful colors.

  • If a man gives you money all the romance in your relationships has gone away. That is sad.

Otherwise this man is your father or uncle. In this case it is good.

  • If a man gives you flowers you should think how formal this bunch is. Don’t rush to study flower language to avoid making the wrong conclusions such as “He gave me three white roses and two red ones. That means he values my tenderness more than my hot temper”. Actually the man who dared to give such weird bunch tried to choose the freshest flowers and didn’t pay attention to their colors.
  • The men who give jewelery in these velvet boxes are too self-confident. They pay much money for a piece of gold and a pair of stones but they can’t say for sure if their wives will like this present. They are not afraid to hear the words “I don’t wear diamonds” from their girlfriends. Value the man who gives you such present. He will make your life interesting, especially when he loses your house playing poker.

  • Another man can come back in the evening bulked up with small presents such as chocolates, pocket books, table lamp and yellow scissors. He remembers that yellow is your favorite color. The negative side is that all this stuff has been bought for your money. Well, at least he knows who is your favorite writer and managed to find scissors of your favorite color.

The best present from a man I received for my birthday. It was a postcard with the words “Mom, I lov u” scrabbled by my son. I can’t help crying when I look at it.

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