Fringe Dancing

It seems that something delirious is going on at the stage. One of the performers is whirling and jumping, another one is frozen in the non-natural pose, the third one is scratching his legs and making faces. The rules and the poses alternate. All that looks like madness. But several minutes pass and the elements of this mixture of motions and movements begin to remind you something familiar. That is the moment when you understand that it is more interesting than just well-organized and beautiful performance. There is the idea and the life energy in it.

The fringe dance has no rules. The jazz and ballet dance movements alter with the customary sport physical exercise and unnatural poses. The movements are combined according to their harmony and the emotional state of the performer. The music plays the leading role and ceases to be the simple background. The slightest motion of the dancers has the deep meaning. The quality of the performance is not characterized by the techniques of the dance but by the emotional content of each movement.

Since the middle of the twentieth century the attention of psychologists is drawn to the experimental dancing. They consider it to be the powerful way to get rid of the psychological problems and to cope with the excessive shyness. The dance is supposed to be the instrument of a psychologists as it may reveal the personal features that the patient is likely even to hide from himself. The healing power of the fringe days has been noticed by many people who claim that they became more calm and confident.

The interesting example of self-development via dancing is described by Paulo Coelho in his book “the Witch of Portobello”. The main character of this book develops the her own positive view of the world due to the emotional freedom achieved with the help of dancing.

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