Decoding food cravings

You literally can’t live without french fries. And if you want it no one could prevent you from eating french fries late at night. Even though you keep a strict diet. It is not about your will. Mainly it is about your health. And why it happens? Your food cravings and preferences could tell a lot about your health. These cravings may serve as indicators of your state. You should pay attention to it.

As the rule people who are depressed, tired or disappointed crave for chocolate. Chocolate is associated with pleasure. So what? In fact chocolate contains the same chemicals (e.g. PEA) that secreted by our brain when we fall in love. That’s why many name chocolate as a “love drug”. So feeling disappointed or sluggish you want to eat another bar of chocolate. It is easy. If you keep a diet or want to keep fit then you can alternate chocolate with nuts. Or it would be much better simply to fall in love!

Dealing with bad mood or depression you would prefer to eat a lot of cheese that contains anti-depressant chemicals. Moreover it contains fats that give you a full feeling. And if it is an actual problem for you eating too much cheese then you should try to find out what bothers you. Get rid of your problems first of all.

And finally if you are dreaming of french fries or at least of slice of pizza then you are hooked on junk food. And needless to say how harmful it might be. But what are actual reasons of this obsession? According to the latest researches junk food is intended for people who are not satisfied with their jobs, relationships, and lives. Those people are not going to leave their comfort zones to change anything for the better. Then how to deal with it? It would be almost impossible but you need to do exercises and keep a diet. Take care!

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