Tween obesity.

The term tween refers to the youngsters who are between 8 and 12 years old. This period is also described as the time when a kid (usually female) is too old for toys, but too young for relationships. This time might be quite difficult for the kids. Especially when it concerns social and psychological issues. They want to be teens but they are kids who are not accepted too seriously by others. Well, of course childhood is wonderful time. But by saying difficult time I try to point out some psychological and social issues. It might be more difficult if a kid of this age suffers from obesity. Well, obesity at any age is not good. But for tweens it might be unbearable experience.

Overweight tweens as the rule are mocked at and bullied at schools. As the result they avoid interaction and communication with their peers who are quite cruel. Overweight children do not want to go to school, the academic progress of these children becomes poor, and they are less motivated. In many cases it may lead to depression. They are interested in nothing. For many children it is important how others accept them. Being negatively accepted tweens have behavior problems at home as well. They are devastated and are sure that they can hardly solve those problems.

Overweight kid would probably refuse to attend school. But quite often children suffering from obesity are a bit lazy to go in for sports or to keep a diet. They just to not want to leave the comfort zone they get used to. Quite often obese kids would refuse eating anything. Some of them are ready to starve to be slimmer. Obviously it would not help. Obese kids have to pay much attention to physical trainings a lot. First of all it concerns health issues. Moreover it would help a kid to become more self-confident and sociable. So in many cases parents are responsible for it. They should not neglect problems their children have. At the same time those problems are more common among children who live and brought up in poor neighborhoods where parents are ignoring their needs.

One of the main factors causing tween obesity is unbalanced nutrition. A tween would prefer to eat junk but tasty food from fast food restaurants to healthy meals. French fries, pizzas, hamburgers, cookies should be excluded of a menu of a kid who are inclined to fat. And the main problem is that kids do not take it seriously. In many cases they refuse to eat what they should and do not want to do what they said. They simply live in a world all by themselves. The same concerns trainings. Of course many obese children do not realize that obesity affects health negatively and that in future it may cause serious health problems.

According to statistics over 70% obese children suffer from obesity when they are adults. So it is really important to start as soon as possible to solve the problems referring to obesity. Tween obesity affects negatively health and emotional state of children.

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