Body Art: the Body Revolution

Body art is one of the forms of the conceptual art where the main object of the creative process is the human body. The meaning of the composition is revealed by the posing, gestures and painting the body, of course. The human body is seen as the object being manipulated.

The artist is interested in creating the immediate impression. The body art is a part of the action art which is characterized by the performance as the art process. The composition of the body art may be performed just in front of the viewers and recorded for the later playing in the exhibition halls. The artists may use various manipulations, sometimes rather painful. Foe example, one of the performances included dancing to the exhaustion. One of the most famous artists was lying in the sun with an open book on his chest while all his skin except this area became suntanned.

The body art is sometimes close to the number of different phenomena which appeared in the contrast to the common culture, such as tattoo and body modification or nudism.

One of the most acknowledged artists in this field is Craig Tracey. He was born in New Orleans and lives there at the present moment. Having worked for 6 years in the advertising agency Craig understood that the commercial illustrating and carrying out the orders kill his talent of artist. And he left his work to devote himself to graffity and aerography.

Having painted the human face for the first time Craig Tracey fell in love with body art forever. He began to collect the works of different artists who inspired him. His room is covered with the photos of the most successful items of body art. His first exhibition was called “Painted Alive”.

The works of Craig Tracey are not just nice pictures on the body. They are optical illusions deceiving the viewers’ eyesight. One can hardly understand where ends the body and begins the background.

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  1. #1 by Kathy on May 25, 2013 - 7:57 pm

    In general the best way to determine how much to each side.

    Dancing is one of the most effective and you are kicking,
    punching and learning basic defense moves, you
    will also be working various muscle groups within your body.

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