Improve your memory

Today I would like to share the tips that hopefully would help you to improve your memory and to increase your brain power. They are really easy to follow. The only thing you need is patience. And of course do the exercises regularly. So let’s get started.

Do not overwhelm yourself with the tasks. Plan your time. It is a must. You should relax when your body needs it. I know hard work would bring you success and everything you want. But what about your health? Just think it over.

Meditate every day. It wouldn’t take you much. Usually it takes about twenty minutes a day. But you would be rewarded no doubts. I know it it easier said than done. Nevertheless you should force yourself to do it.

Think positively. It may seem to you that this tip is not that important. But it turns out that it is very important. It causes your ability to work and to interact. It is obvious that you would hardly work efficiently being negative. If you do not like something about the situation then just change your attitude to it.

Lear foreign languages. Try to learn at least five new words a day. Well, you see that it wouldn’t take you much but later your spoken skills would definitely improve. And of course it improves your memory.

Planning something try to remember it. Usually people take notes. Well, it is a good habit indeed. But in case you want to improve your memory remember everything you should do. It can be a bit difficult for the first time. But later you will realize that you do not need notes anymore. Everything would be stored in your memory.

Pay attention to your sleep. Sleep deprivation causes serious problems including inattention, carelessness and even depression. You should sleep at least 8 or 9 hours. Your sleep should be safe and sound. So you should relax while sleeping.

Quit smoking and drinking strong alcohols. It is well known that smoking and drinking damage your health especially your brain. Try to find other ways to relax and have fun. And you should realize that smoking is not relaxing at all. It seems to you that it relaxes. But it is a mistake to think so.

Do brain exercises. They are quite easy. At the same time they train your memory and increase brain power. For example, try to remember as many associations as possible related to the word “Ford” and that would be connected to the word “first”. At first sight it seems to be quite easy but you have to make your brain work to do the task. If it is a bit difficult for you then do puzzles.

Pay attention to your diet. Try to avoid eating much sugar. Your diet should include fish and proteins. It is believed that even your diet influences your state of mind. It is said that people who eat more fish are less depressive. Well, it is hard to believe but it seems to be true.

Take care!

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  1. #1 by jcawalton on August 21, 2012 - 11:57 am

    Nice summary of good ideas! I’m trying the diet one already, but maybe I’ll have a go at the foreign language idea. Ciao.

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