The Liver Graft Makes the Patient 10 Years Younger

The 61-year old citizen of India who was suffering from the severe liver disease was healed. He got rid of the most part of his pains and chronic illnesses and started looking more than ten years younger. He has undergone the complicated surgery of the liver transplantation. The liver transplanted to him was taken from the 12-year student.

The dying man was waiting for the rescuing surgery since 2008. The surgeons from one of the local hospitals provided a salvation to him, having offered to transplant a liver of a young man who was a victim of a car accident. The 61-year old man suffering from the excruciating pains was happy to give his agreement to the surgery to be carried out. In less than a year he found himself in the focus of all the world breaking news. The doctors from the whole state came to see the surprising phenomenon with their own eyes. Now this is the central medical event for the whole world.

Kagaka Pilla says that he hardly can believe this himself. He is surprised that his aging began to go backwards. In less than ten months after he had undergone the operation his hair once being grey turned black again. Gradually he started to notice that his wrinkles reduced and the skin got smoother as it was ten years ago.

According to the words of his GP, Annanada Kachara, who was leading his patient for many years, Kagaka Pilla was suffering from the fatal form of diabetes for more than 12 years and was receiving the constant medication to support his organism. After having been operated on the patient got completely recovered from this disease.

The numerous studies in the sphere of human body regeneration and restorative functions show that the transplantation of the new tissue may boost up the regenerative processes in the human organism. The liver which is known to be the organ of the blood forming and cleaning system was the most successful option to choose if we speak about the renewal of youth. But it is not that easy as it may seem at the first sight. Firstly the organ transplanted undergoes the dangerous process of the degeneration. During this period there exists the high risk of necrosis and rejection. The patients undergo the careful hemodialysis immediately after the operation. The also receive the medication to suppress their immune system and avoid the casting of the grafter off. If everything goes as planned the process of degeneration is followed by the renewal of the grafter and the attaching tissues. But in the case of Kagaka Pilla the regeneration process had the significant impact on the whole body.

As the patient reports he feels better and better each day. The 61-year old dying man taken to his bed turned into a healthy and energetic one who is full of vital strength. He claims that his plans for the future have changed dramatically and he is deeply thankful to the skillful professionals who managed to carry such a complex surgery out.

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