Thai Chi – Your Ultimate Force

The life style promoted by big cities is far from ideal. At work we need to concentrate on a number of tasks at once, at spare time we are summoned to attend fitness center or perform other dynamic activities. It can help to keep fit, but it if you want to reach the internal harmony amidst this chaos you should use a different practice – Thai Chi, which came to us from China and presents a particular combination of yoga and meditation.

This kind of activity is available to all people irrespectively to their physical skills and abilities. All exercises are done in a slow and graceful manner. You can choose your own pace which suits your inner state best.

The art of Thai Chi exists in several forms. The one of them, which is more understandable to the beginners, is called Hand Form and includes a series of slow movements. You need to concentrate on every movement you make and clear your mind from all external thoughts. The traditional Chinese medicine explains the positive effect produced by this set of exercises on your health, by the fact of proper use of Qi energy and stabilizing of its flow. Even if you are not the supporter of such a mystical approach you will nevertheless discover the advantages of Thai Chi soon.

Thai Chi solves the problems with sleep, reveals chronic pain, reduces stress, improves your flexibility and muscle tonus.

If you need more active kind of exercises you can try martial form of Thai Chi. However, this form also requires from you understanding of basic principles of this practice. Thai Chi uses energy of both Yin And Yang to achieve the most impressive results. If you need to strike the opponent you reveal your aggressive male Yin energy. To react on the attack you appeal to your inner soft Yang energy which suppress any aggression.

Thai Chi can be practiced in pairs if you want to lead your martial technique to the perfection. Thanks to the wide range of difficulty of exercise everybody can choose the form of Thai Chi coinciding with his or her abilities.

All in all, Thai Chi is about meditation and proper breathing combined with the set of mostly slow exercises. This ancient Chinese art will help you to reduce the crazy pace of life and reveal your contemplative and reflective potential according to the philosophy of Taoism.

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