Recently I have heard an interesting story about the motivation of one famous writer to start creating books. He began to write himself because his wife was a fan of so called harlequin novels, or in simpler words chicklit. He said they were so awful that he just had to start writing something good.

Anyway, the level of popularity of these books with pure romance on the pages is higher than I can understand. And even the most intelligent women love to be absorbed in this sea of false passion. Let’s think a bit why it is so.

Chicklit is an ocean of illusions. The everyday life of every woman is full of problems which, after being solved, give birth to other problems and this chain is eternal. A love story is simpler than anyone can imagine. The only problem of the heroine is to choose “THE ONE” among all the men appearing in the novel Those men, which is surprising, calmly wait until she makes a choice. The choice made, everyone is happy and here comes the “happy end”!

Women love long descriptions, that’s what the editors of chicklit say. The vast areas of paper space should be filled with something. So, here come the descriptions of the heroin’s every dress, every restaurant or country she visits and her emotions towards this stuff which strangely resemble the experience of the author.

One more characteristic of every love story is the excessive number of travelings with erotic details. Every time the heroine visits some country she has 5 minutes until she meets a highly passionate lover who has been waiting only for her to show all his bed-skills. The impression is the following: every country is a bunch of overheated hot men who dream only of naïve girls coming to see the beauties of the culture. You can’t imagine a more improbable fact.

Another trait of success is the metaphor. I’m talking of all those “manly hands” combined with the tempting rustle of the underwear which can drive mad any woman even if she has a small capacity of imagination. The writers of the chicklit just clearly know what girls want to find inside a book about eternal love with the happy end and give these things to the readers.

Of course, all women know that chicklit is not a remedy for every disease. They just seem to choose this piece of writing to get an opportunity to take a look at this illusive world that can never become real. Sensitivity is not a sin, so even if you are a strong and strict business-lady with no regrets and remorse, you are sure to be astonished at the love story. You know it’s not reality and there are just no so many handsome and strong men as the heroins of chicklit meet throughout a book. There are no such amount of them in the whole world, I guess! But still women open up a cover with bright vivid pictures on it and start a travel along the emotions love gives on the pages of the read.

This is the secret of harlequin novels’ success: they give us a chance to glance at the ideal relations.

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